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  • Exquisite Ingredients

  • From the worlds most beautiful places

Exquisite Ingredients

From the worlds most beautiful places


We do things differently at Natural Pacifica.

We don't believe in mass produced beauty products, bulk mixed with chemicals.

Instead, we source the worlds rarest natural ingredients, and use them to create truly limited edition beauty products.

Trust us - this is the way beauty should be.

Introducing Venôm

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Venôm Core Ingredients

Bee Venom

At nearly $170,000 per kilogram, New Zealand Bee Venom is one of the world’s most expensive natural products - it’s four times more valuable than gold.

A favourite of celebrities including Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Middleton, Bee Venom Extract has been clinically proven to reduce both deep and shallow wrinkles, in the small and safe concentrations used in Venôm.

Manuka Honey

Manuka honey is derived from the Manuka flower, only found in the wilderness of New Zealand. We use only the highest grade, certified, natural Manuka Honey with an official grading of UMF20+.

The healing properties of Manuka Honey are so powerful, it is used in hospitals in many parts of the world. Manuka Honey has been scientifically proven to reduce inflammation, stimulate the growth of epidermal cells, cure infection and improve immune response.

Tamanu Oil

As featured on Dr Oz, this miracle oil comes from the pacific paradise of Vanuatu.

It has been proven in clinical trials to reduce inflammation, promote healing, smooth the skin and counter UV light damage.

Here's what our customers think

I was initially really skeptical about bee venom as ingredient, but after reading how Kate Middleton used it I took the plunge, i'm so glad I did, because my skin has never been better.

Jenny Hughes, Texas

Venôm cream has completely changed my skincare routine. I've noticed less wrinkles, and my friends have even commented on it 

Karen Barker, Florida

I was attracted to Venôm after reading about the benefits of natural ingredients in skincare. Bee Venôm has had an incredible effect on my complexion, and i've already ordered my next batch.

Shelly Chapman, New York City

Even the packaging makes you realise how exclusive this cream is, everything about it screams limited edition.

Sarah Connolly, Iowa

My friends keep asking to borrow my Venôm cream after seeing the results, i've had to tell them to stay away and order their own!

Stephie Houston, San Diego

Venôm has claimed top spot in my beauty cabinet, I can't wait for Natural Pacifica to create more products with these incredible ingredients.

Lily Murphy, Texas